General Car Repairs

General Car Repairs in Plymouth

We pride ourselves on being able to fix problems on all types of cars and light commercial vehicles. That’s why we called ourselves All Car Solutions!

We perform a wide range of repairs every week, with a few of the main ones listed below. Don’t forget we can arrange your MOT for you and do any pre or post repair work to ensure your vehicle passes the test and is safe to drive.

Some of the main issues we can fix for you are:

 – Cambelts

– Timing chains

– Belts

– Brakes (new pads, new discs etc)

– Clutch replacement

– Water leaks (internal and external)

– Welding for mot failure eg

– Head gasket replacement

– Exhaust fitting

Of course this is just a small list of what we can do. Feel free to call us on 01752 226695 for a chat about what you need.

Call 01752 226695 for a chat about any problem with any car and we will be happy to help.